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Luxury Plus – Generations of experience in custom tailoring Bespoke shirts and suits are designed to enhance your unique build, style and physique.
At Luxury Plus, we have one of the longest histories in custom tailoring in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and United States of America. We will bring generations of tailoring experience to the job of designing your custom tailored suit or shirt, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Hong Kong has a worldwide reputation as being a centre of world-class tailoring. Luxury Plus is one of the leading tailoring companies in Australia, and our fashion consultants will assist you in choosing your style. Our fabric range is unparalleled in Sydney, Australia and we have access to over 30,000 fabrics, including some of the leading designer fabrics. Visit us at our showroom at Suite 202, 683-689 George Street Sydney, Australia to browse some of the leading cottons, cashmere and wool fabrics. Or please email us at if you would like to arrange to meet one of our fashion consultants and tailors.

We accept all major Credit Cards, as well as Bank transfers and Western Union 

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