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How to wear a plaid suit?

Nearly every circumstance calls for a good suit, but occasionally that can get boring. It’s time to attempt a checked suit at that point. This fashion has been around for a very long time and is currently seeing a revival. You can say a million things through the design of the checked suit you choose.
Why not venture into the checkered life instead of sticking to your solid suit routine?
Comparatively more challenging to style is a checkered suit than a solid one. Because the print of the suit already uses several colors, you have fewer color and print possibilities for your dress shirt and tie.
The color guidelines for clothing still hold for checkered suits. Darker suit colors are necessary if you want to be on the more formal end of the range. On the other hand, you can opt to play up your casualness with lighter shades. There is a suitable checkered suit for almost every other event, even though you may not be able to wear one for your most formal needs.

How to wear a DOUBLE-BREASTED suit?

As a rule, a double-breasted suit can be worn everywhere a single-breasted suit is acceptable. Although it is still considered more formal than the single, the double-breasted is now the option with more style in the warmer months.
Stick with single-breasted jackets if you’re attending a more formal or semi-formal event (in a setting with conservative folks who might not understand your choice of jacket). A double version will undoubtedly stand out.

How to take care of your suit?


Some guys will dry clean their suits consistently. The reasoning behind this is right, toward the day’s end you need to make an appearance at the workplace looking spotless and new. But over-dry-cleaning your suit will wear away the natural fibers and take some years off.

Your jackets spend more time in your closet than they do on your shoulders. Suit hanging is a science that leaves your garments in spotless condition for quite a while. It likewise saves you heaps of time in any case spent steaming and pressing.  Wire hangers cause puckered shoulders, negatively re-shape hand-padded expensive jacket shoulders, and ultimately ruin your clothes in your closet.

Don’t ruin great clothes with cheap hangers.


In the case of packing, you have to pick the right size of the bag. Pick a more solid and inflexible bag that will protect your suit from getting compressed. Your suit will be the bulkiest thing you bring, so maximize space by reducing all the other things in your bag.
some of your suits are seasonal. You probably won’t be wearing any of your heavy wool suits in the middle of summer. make sure to dry clean your suit before you put them away. All clothes need to be completely dry before they’re stored, not even slightly damp from their recent wash because the moisture will cause mildew and mold growth.

choosing a suit colour

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the color of your suit. It’s easy to believe that the main thing that is important about your suit’s color is whether you like it or not. There are many reasons for choosing a suit, whether it’s for your first job interview, graduation, wedding, or date.

Whatever the occasion, getting the right suit is a milestone. Different suit colors pass on different messages, and to be treated in a serious way, you really want to realize what color to wear and why. Your own taste isn’t the main factor that should play into picking another suit. Firstly, there are numerous things you’ll need to ensure your suit is proper and well-fitted.

For a summer suit, you should look at pale colors in a light material. Something in linen, cotton, or a cotton blend is ideal. It, therefore, makes sense to approach winter with the same mindset. More than likely the days are going to be dark, grey and a little bit miserable, so a dark suit is your best bet to blend in. It’s essential to have a variety of suit colors so that your wardrobe will be versatile.

Whichever the season, or event, a fresh white shirt (whether you choose a linen shirt, silk shirt, or cotton) should be your first choice. So with your shirt and suit sorted, you can add some personality to your look with a tie. Simple things make a good impression.